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Configure Workflow Step for Core HR - Configure Step

Before any other steps can be configured, the "Configure Steps" tab must first be set up.

Navigating to Configure Steps for a Workflow
  • Expand Settings and click Workflow Management from the menu.


  • Click the name of the workflow if editing. Otherwise, use the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Workflow.


  • Click the Configure Steps tab if you are editing the workflow. Otherwise, set up the properties of the workflow first. For more information about workflow properties, you can refer to the following article.


  • Click the step name if you are editing. Otherwise, use the Actions drop-down menu and click Add.



  • Dependent Step field - The Dependent Step # indicates which Step (indicated by the Step # of the Step) must first be completed before this Step should be started. If this is the first step of the Workflow, a value of zero should be entered in this field, indicating that no previous steps are to be completed before this step is started.
  • Step Name field
  • Target Duration - The Target Duration (Days) field indicates how many days this Step should be completed within.
  • Resource - The selected Resource will be responsible for completing this Step. The Resource dropdown field includes Administrators, any employee marked as a Workflow Resource, and any employee marked as a Manager (via the Employee Demographic screen).
  • Eligibility Rule - The eligibility rule will determine when this step should be included in the workflow. For more information on eligibility rules, you can refer to the following article.
  • Email Resource when this step is initiated - If enabled, the selected Resource will receive an Email when this step is started. The Email will include the name of the step along with the Instructions entered below.
  • Include the Attached Documents (as attachments) in the Email - If enabled, any documents attached in Step 2 will be included as Attachments in the email to the Resource. The Email Resource checkbox must also be checked for this feature to be enabled.
  • Automatically mark this step as complete immediately after start - If enabled, this step will be marked as complete after any email processing that is configured. This option can be used when you only wish to send an email to the selected Resource and not require the Resource to manually mark the step as complete.
  • Allow documents to be uploaded within this step - If enabled, a file upload field will appear within this step allowing the assigned Resource the ability to upload documents to the system. Uploaded documents will be loaded to the Employee Documents screen.
  • Allow this step to be approved or denied - If enabled, allows a user to approve/deny a workflow at the given step. 
  • Step Instructions - Instructions for the step.

When finished, click Save. From there, you can set up any of the other tabs. For more information about any of the tabs, you can refer to any of the articles below:

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