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Employee Policies Introduction

Employee Policies should be set up to reflect the employee time policies of your business. This includes things like Overtime rules, time rounding rules, and whether hourly employees should clock themselves out for lunch each day.

  • To get started, select Manage and click Policies.


  • By default, your employees will be entered as members of the Default Policy Group. Note that additional policy groups can be added and customized later as needed.


Common Overtime Policies

  • Overtime rules can apply in several ways, with the most common being Weekly and Daily.


  • Weekly Overtime defaults to a value of 40 and can be adjusted as needed. If your company does not offer double overtime, simply uncheck the box next to OT2.


  • Daily Overtime can be setup independently of Weekly Overtime. Daily overtime is used when employees get overtime after a certain number of hours worked in a day. Note that daily overtime does not add to weekly overtime totals, so you can use them together without a problem.


Common Rounding Rules

  • Time rounding rules are used to allow employees a grace period when clocking in or out.


  • To set up a grace period for your employees, check the box next to In/Out Rounding and enter a time interval. For example, a commonly used interval is 15 minutes: employee time punches will be rounded either up or down, depending on the nearest 15 minute time interval. In other words: clocking in at 8:07AM rounds DOWN to 8AM, while clocking in at 8:08AM rounds UP to 8:15AM.


Meal Breaks

Meal Breaks can be enabled if you don't want employees having to clock out and back in for lunch each day or if you want your employees to be able to indicate when they are starting and ending their meal break. 


Auto Lunch Manual Meal Break

To enable auto lunch, check the box then enter a value for how long your employees need to work before they get a lunch break. Then, enter how long their lunch period should be and hit Save at the bottom.


Once saved, all employees in this group will have these rules applied to their time punches moving forward or your employees will have the "Meal Break" button when clocking in/out. It will not affect time punches made before you edited the policy group.

Calculating Overtime Biweekly

If you calculate overtime biweekly, meaning over two weeks worked instead of one, then you will need to check two boxes:

  • Go to Manage and click Company Settings.


  • Then click the Time and Attendance tab.


  • Here you will check the box to use biweekly dates for policy calculation and hit save at the bottom.


  • Next, go to Manage and click Policies.


  • Click/enable Weekly Overtime.


  • Check the box for bi-weekly overtime.


  • Click Save at the bottom.

Location Policies

And finally, some companies have special policy rules, but only for certain jobsite locations.

  • To set up location-specific policies go to Manage then click Locations.


  • Select the blue pencil next to the location in question.


  • Then go to the Policies tab.


  • Here you can set location-specific policy rules that will override the other policy rules you have in place, but only when employees work at this location.


  • Save any changes made.

  Additional Information

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