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Start Using The ExakTime System In Just 15 Minutes

While ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile offer a wealth of powerful features and options, you don't need everything set up from day one. To get started using the system, you only need to spend 15 minutes to set up the bare minimum and start tracking your employee's hours.

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When you first sign in, you will see the Dashboard that gives you a quick overview of what is going on that day. The first thing we need to do is add an employee that will be tracking their time. 


Adding an Employee

  • Click Manage at the top of the page and click Employees.


  • Click Add Employee at the top of the Employees page. 


  • Enter the employee's first and last name.


  • Scroll down towards the Security Role section.
    • Click the drop-down menu and select the permission level the employee should have when using ExakTime Mobile.
    • Enter a 4-10 digit PIN for the employee to use to sign in to ExakTime Mobile.


  • Click Save at the bottom when finished.


  • After you save any new employee, you will be brought to the Employees List and see the employee you just added.


Add a Location

  • Click Manage at the top of the page and then select Locations.


  • Click Add Location at the top of the Locations page.


  • Start by entering a name for this location that your employees will be clocking in to such as a shop, office, or a client's address.
    • Optionally, to get the most out of our GPS tracking, enter the physical address for this location.


  • Click Save at the bottom.


  • Saving a location will bring you back to the locations list with your newly created location and any location you add in the future.
    • If you entered a valid physical address for the location, there will be a green checkmark icon under the GPS column.


Setup the ExakTime Mobile App

  • Click on Dashboard at the top of the page.


  • Look at the Mobile Device Management section of the Dashboard and note the Company Setup Code highlighted in yellow. This will be used in the following steps to setup ExakTime Mobile.


  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or the Play Store on your Android phone. Search for and install ExakTime Mobile. Open ExakTime Mobile after it has finished installing.


  • Click Enter My Company Setup Code.


  • Enter the 12-character Company Setup Code from your ExakTime Connect dashboard mentioned earlier and enter a name for the device such as the owner of the device or where it will be located.


  • Press Setup to complete the ExakTime Mobile setup.

Clock In with ExakTime Mobile

  • Log in by entering the employee PIN that you had entered for an employee and press the arrow in the bottom right.


  • When first using ExakTime Mobile, it will ask them if ExakTime Mobile has permission to access your location/access to GPS. By default, ExakTime Mobile users must give it permission, but the administrator can change this setting later.


  • Press the green GO button to clock in.


  • The green checkmark indicates that the employee has successfully clocked in. If we only have one location, ExakTime Mobile will automatically the solitary location, but if there multiple locations, it will show a list of active locations to choose from instead.


Tracking Clocked In Employees

  • On ExakTime Connect, refresh your dashboard by clicking Dashboard. in the top left.


  • You should now see that you have one employee working at one location.


  • To see who is clocked in and where they are working, use the drop-down menu and choose the location highlighted in green. Selecting a location, allows you to see all the employees that have clocked in to that location.



And that's it! You should be ready to get the employees to clock in and track their time, but there is much more to do when you have the time.

We should suggest tackling our ExakTime Quick Start Guide below when you get a chance to get a better understanding of the ExakTime Connect system.

Quick Start Guide

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