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Quick Start Tutorial for ExakTime

Welcome, and congratulations on your purchase of the ExakTime Connect system! We're excited you've chosen us to help manage your workforce, locations, time data, and more!

This guide will quickly walk you through setting up and using your ExakTime Connect account with the basics, just follow the steps below! It should not take longer than 15-20 minutes to get started!

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Logging In to ExakTime Connect

ExakTime Connect is a "cloud-based platform"; meaning you can log in from any computer connected to the Internet allowing you to work from the office or from home.

Once you have set up your website URL and administrator login, you will use to the same website URL ( whenever you want to access your ExakTime account.

Enter your username/email address and your password on your ExakTime Connect login page.


Adding Employees

The first thing that you will want to do is begin setting up your employees. Your first set of employees should be the employees that you want to track time for.

  1. Navigate to Manage and click Employees from the Menu bar.


  2. Click Add Employee to add a new employee.


  3. Enter the employee's basic information such as their first and last name. Red dots will denote mandatory fields.


  4. Scroll down towards Security Roles. Select the appropriate ExakTime Mobile security role from our default offerings in the drop-down menu and enter a PIN (4-10 numbers long). We recommend the "Employee" security for normal employees. Each employee that uses ExakTime Mobile will need to be assigned an ExakTime Mobile security role which determines what they can do on ExakTime Mobile and a unique PIN. 


  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished or Save & New to add additional employees.


Adding Locations/Jobs

Adding your work locations is just as easy and important. Your locations will help you attribute an employee's time records to any internal work or clients. Add a couple of locations to get started.

  1. Navigate to Manage and click Locations from the Menu bar.


  2. Click Add Location to add a new location to your list.


  3. Enter the location name and address, if possible. The location name will be seen by your employees when clocking in and is used for time tracking. The address is used to help generate the GPS/GeoFence for the location.


  4. Click the GPS tab.


  5. The map will have a GPS marker based on the address you entered in the previous step. Adjust the map's GPS marker to the location's position by clicking and dragging the GPS marker and/or GeoFence circle.
    • The GeoFence is used to help determine if the employee was within the location when clocking in/out, if possible.

    • Avoid making the GeoFence too small or large to help prevent false negatives/positives. 


  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished or Save & New to add additional locations.


Adding Cost Codes

Cost codes are used to track your employees' activities throughout the day. By default, we have GO and STOP cost codes. If you do not need any additional cost codes, you can skip this step and add them later.

  1. Navigate to Manage and click Cost Codes from the Menu bar.


  2. Click Add Cost Code to add a new cost code to track.


  3. Enter a name for the cost code that you want to track time for. For example, you may want to add a new labor code, or Travel code, and associate an ID number, if applicable.


  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished.


Editing an Entity

To edit or add additional information for an entity you have already added, click the pencil icon Time_Card_-_Pencil_Icon_-_00.png towards the left of an entity you wish to update from the respective employee/location/cost code list.


Importing Entities in Bulk

You can upload a batch of employees, locations, or cost codes by navigating to Tools > Import from the menu bar. This is best for adding multiple locations to avoid entering individual locations manually.

For more information, click here for the CSV Import guide.

Setting Up ExakTime Mobile

ExakTime Mobile is the mobile app your employees will use to clock in/out. To link a copy of ExakTime Mobile to your ExakTime Connect account, your employees will set up their copies of ExakTime Mobile with your unique company setup code.

We recommend installing Exaktime Mobile on your own device as well, even if you do not track your time, so you can have a better understanding of the app when teaching your employees.

  1. Install "ExakTime Mobile" from the Play Store or App Store, depending on if you use Android or iOS.
  2. Click Dashboard from the menu bar to navigate back to your Dashboard. Near the middle of the window, you will see a unique 12-character company setup code. The company setup code is time-sensitive and a new code will be automatically generated. 


  3. You can also find the company setup code by navigating to Manage and clicking Mobile Devices from the menu bar.


  4. From the Mobile Devices page, click Add a Mobile Device to send the company setup code to an employee via SMS.


  5. A pop-up window will display the unique company setup code, as well as a field for an employee's mobile phone number. Enter the employee's phone number and click Send. Please note that sending an SMS is only supported for United States phone numbers and text message fees may apply.



  6. Open ExakTime Mobile on the mobile device and press I have a company setup code.


  7. You and/or your employee will enter the company setup code indicated in the previous step(s).


Clocking In/Out Using the Mobile App

The ExakTime Mobile App is designed for your employees to easily clock in/out and track their time. Other features are available, such as Field Notes, Team View, and GeoTrakker. The following tutorial will walk you through how Employees clock in and out using the ExakTime Mobile application.

  • Employees will open ExakTime Mobile to start. They should see a number pad like the example below.
  • They will enter their ExakTime Mobile PIN and press the arrow in the bottom right. A red "X" will display if the PIN entered does not belong to an employee (not shown).


  • The first screen shown should be the 'Pocket Clock' screen where your employees will clock in/out.

  • Press GO to clock in, select the job location and select the cost code to be performed. If you have not added any new cost codes, it will skip the step to select a cost code.


  • Your employees will press STOP when they are done for the day or if they are no longer tracking their time. 

After finishing the tutorial, you can look into additional ExakTime Mobile features to improve your employee's experience such as letting them review their time card, send notes, etc. We have provided some 

View, Add and Edit Time

The Time Card Detail screen shows a breakdown of an employee's reported time, location, and cost codes, along with any comments created by an administrator.

  1. Navigate to Time Cards and click Time Card Detail from the menu bar.


  2. Your employees will be listed on the left. When you initially land on the Time Card Detail page, you will see the first employee's time card on the right. Selecting an employee will show you their time card.


  3. After selecting an employee to view, the top of the time card screen will display an employee's current time information in a summary box, with Administrative action buttons (Add Time, Refresh Data, Print View, Email Employee, Approve Time, Approval History).


  4. Use the date range chooser in the top right to select pre-determined date ranges or select custom date ranges. 


  5. While viewing an employee's time card, you can add, edit, and/or delete time records by:
    • Adding Time - Click Add Time for the week or day.


    • Editing Time - Click into any field or the pencil icon Time_Card_-_Pencil_Icon_-_00.png towards the left of a time record.


    • Deleting Time - Click the trash can icon Time_Card_-_Trash_Icon_-_00.png towards the left of a time record.


  6. Click Save at the bottom after making any changes. Your time card will calculate any new hourly totals.


You should now be set up with the basics to begin using your ExakTime system. To recap, this tutorial has helped you set up and begin using your account by:

  1. Logging In to ExakTime Connect
  2. Adding Employees
  3. Adding Locations
  4. Adding Cost Codes
  5. Setting Up ExakTime Mobile
  6. Clocking In/Out Using the Mobile App
  7. Viewing, Adding, and Editing Employee Time

Additional Recommended Resources

When you get a chance, here are some resources to provide additional information about other useful options and features to enhance your or your employee's experience. 

  • Time Card Details - Learn more about the Time Card Details and what you can do.
  • Reports - Reports allow you to turn your employee's time cards into easily readable formats such as PDF or XLS and are printer-ready.
  • Set Up Your Work Week/Pay Period - Establish the work week/pay period of your employees for pre-defined date ranges throughout your system.
  • Employee Policies - Policies are used to help calculate your employee's overtime, round their clock in/out times, automatically deduct for lunch, and even help track travel time.
  • Viewsets - Viewsets allow you to limit the employees that an employee can interact. This is most beneficial for your supervisors so they can focus on their direct reports.
  • ExakTime Mobile Security Roles - Security roles help determine what your employees can do within the system. You can enable additional options or options for your employees such as:
    • FaceFront - Require your employees to take a photo when clocking in or out on ExakTime Mobile to confirm it is them.
    • Field Notes - Allows your employees to send photos or notes from ExakTime Mobile to you in ExakTime Connect for future reference.
    • Mobile Time Cards - Let your employees view their time cards from ExakTime Mobile.
  • ExakTime Mobile Quick Start Handout - A printable PDF to quickly instruct your employees on how to use ExakTime Mobile.
  • How to Reach the Help Topics in ExakTime Mobile - A collection of help topics that can be reached from within ExakTime Mobile to help get your employees started. It can help to go through the help topics the first time you start using ExakTime Mobile so everyone can have a better understanding. 
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