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Best Practices For Adding Employees, Locations, and Cost Codes

For detailed time tracking, you will track an employee, their location, and their cost code. These pieces of data will help determine:

  • Employees - Who is using the system.
  • Locations - Where the employees are working and putting time towards.
  • Cost Codes - What the employees are doing at a location.


Employees are the people that will be interacting with ExakTime Connect and/or ExakTime Mobile in any way.

This is to ensure that any records created are associated with the correct individual, to keep an audit trail of changes made to a time card, and to control what an employee is allowed to do within ExakTime Connect and/or ExakTime Mobile.

When adding an employee you are required to enter their first and last name. You will also want to add additional information that will allow them to track their time such as an ExakTime Mobile PIN or a JobClock Keytab. 

For steps on adding employees to ExakTime Connect, please refer to the following article: How to Add an Employee in ExakTime Connect


Locations are used to track where your employees are working throughout the day. Ideally, each job site will be entered as its own location such as a client's home that you are remodeling or a location that you are constructing. You can also add locations for your own business such as the office or warehouse if they are conducting any internal work such as truck repairs, stocking, etc.

When setting up a location, you are required to enter the name of the location. The location name will be seen throughout ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile. While optional, the address for a location is used to generate a set of GPS coordinates. The GPS coordinates for a location are compared to the GPS coordinates associated with a time record created on ExakTime Mobile to help confirm if the employee was on-site when they clocked in/out.

For steps on adding locations to ExakTime Connect, please refer to the following article: How to Add a Location (Jobsite) in ExakTime Connect

Cost Codes

Cost Codes are used to track what your employees are doing and will be paid for. By default, we offer "In" and "Out" to track if the employees are working or not. More cost codes can be added to track individual actions for more detailed time cards. For example, you can use a "Travel" cost code to track how long it takes an employee to travel from Location A to Location B.

For steps on adding cost codes to ExakTime Connect, please refer to the following article: How to Add a Cost Code (Activity Item) in ExakTime Connect

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