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Understanding the Menu Bar and ExakTime Connect Navigation

The Menu Bar at the top of the webpage allows you to navigate to different areas of ExakTime Connect to review time records, generate reports, add/edit employees, etc. if the user's security role permission allows.


We have consolidated a list of these various areas with articles that cover their use.

Clock In/Out

An option to allow employees to clock in/out from the ExakTime Connect website. Useful for Office Workers that use/review ExakTime Connect. 


The Dashboard is the landing page for ExakTime Connect. It will show you information such as employees currently clocked in based on their time card, where they are clocked in, your ExakTime Mobile setup code, etc.

Time Cards


Time cards allow you to review employees' time card information, approve time cards, edit time cards, etc.

My Time Card
Review your own time card and perform actions such as editing time records or approve your time card. This is similar to the Time Card Details, except you can only view your own time card.
Time Card Summary
Review your employee's overall hours for a date range, review any quarantined time, approve their time, or close a given pay period.
Time Card Details
Review your employee's time cards in detail, edit their time records, approve their time, and email/print their time cards.
Bulk Time Entry
Add the same time record to multiple employees with a few selections and clicks.

Time Off

Time Off requires an additional purchase for your ExakTime account. For more information, please contact your sales rep/account manager at 1-877-463-7199.


With the Time Off feature, your employees can accrue time off and submit time off requests for admins and managers to approve.

Time Off Plans
Set up the time off plans that will determine who and how they will accrue time off hours. 
Time Off Requests
Depending on an employee's security role, they can submit and/or approve time off requests.


Schedules requires an additional purchase for your ExakTime account. For more information, please contact your sales rep/account manager at 1-877-463-7199.


Schedules allow you to schedule shifts for employees and let them review their expected schedules. 

Today's Schedule
Today's Schedule allows you to review the employee's currently clocked in, employees late for their scheduled shift, employees that did not clock in to their shift, and those that were early to their shift.
My Schedule
Review your own schedule.
Manage Schedules
Manage the schedules for your employees by adding, editing, and/or deleting schedules by scheduling employees to a location or vice-versa.


Reports allow you to generate ExakTime data into pre-formatted documents to quickly review and/or print. We have pre-formatted reports for, but not limited to:

  • Time cards for your employees with information formatted in various ways depending on focus.
  • Audit trail of edits made to time cards.
  • Review employee's GPS position in relation to location GEOFences.
  • List of entities and field notes in ExakTime.



Manage information used in ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile and optional settings to make ExakTime Connect do more for you.

Employees are users that will be involved with ExakTime Connect and related systems such as ExakTime Mobile. You can add new employees, assigning their security roles, limit who they can see within ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile, etc.
Locations are entities that your employees will be working at or putting time towards. You can add new locations, set up any location-specific policies, limit what cost codes can be used with a location, etc.
Cost Codes
Cost codes are used by you and your employees to track what they are doing throughout the day.
If enabled, you and your ExakTime Mobile users can select what equipment they are using when clocking in to track how long they used the equipment.
Mobile Devices
Keep track of current copies of ExakTime Mobile communicating to your ExakTime system. Also allows you to disable copies of ExakTime Mobile if they should no longer be associated with your account. 
Mobile Settings
Standardize your ExakTime Mobile settings that are set up with your ExakTime Connect system so all copies of ExakTime Mobile will function the same.
A list of your JobClocks, the location they are associated with, and their battery level.
Categories are associated with your employees, locations, and/or cost codes to help filter your reports, organize information in their respective lists within ExakTime Connect, and separate employees in the employee list of AccountLinx. 
Groups help you consolidate employees, locations, and/or cost codes for easier viewing on ExakTime Mobile.
Custom Fields
Custom fields allow you to associate additional information to employees, locations, and/or cost codes in their respective lists within ExakTime Connect and on their time cards.
Policies help calculate an employee's hours, round their time, deduct an auto-lunch, etc.
Shift Pay Codes
Shift pay codes identify the pay code that is an employee is expected to receive based on their shift (e.g. Morning shift pay, Day shift, Graveyard shift, etc.) and are only informational.
Company Settings
Enter your company information, specify your pay periods, and enable optional settings for your company.
Security Roles
Create and adjust what permissions employees can have when using ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile.
Indicates the number of active employees you can have and allows access to other applications/features we offer.



Use tools that can help you confirm where employees were when clocking in/out with ExakTime Mobile, notes from the field, etc.

Map View
Review where employees were when they clocked in/out on ExakTime Mobile and the overall movement of their device.
Field Notes
Review notes, pictures, and audio recordings sent from the field via ExakTime Mobile.
ExakTime Forms Viewer
Review your employee's responses to ExakTime Forms such as if they were injured and/or if they took their meals and breaks.
Time Card Form Response Selector
Allows you to specify which ExakTime Mobile Form responses can be reviewed from the Time Card Details page.
Add or review expenses submitted by ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile users.
Alerts & Notifications

Custom Alerts & Notifications requires an additional purchase for your ExakTime account. For more information, please contact your sales rep/account manager at 1-877-463-7199.

Alerts & Notifications is currently in BETA and not publicly available. Alerts & Notifications would allow you to send notifications to your employees by Email, SMS, or Push Notifications to ExakTime Mobile. 
Alerts & Notifications Dashboard
Alerts & Notifications Dashboard is currently in BETA and is not publicly available. The Alerts & Notification Dashboard will help you be aware of how many alerts/notifications have been sent and how many you have remaining for the month.
Import employees, locations, and cost codes with a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.
Import History
Review a history of data imports into ExakTime Connect.
Collection Details
A collection of records received from your employees using ExakTime Mobile and JobClocks before they reach your time cards.


Resources for support such as articles, videos, and pictures to help you get familiar with the ExakTime Connect system.

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