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Guide to Categories for ExakTime

Categories are an organizational tool to categorize employees, locations, and cost codes for easier sorting and report filtering in ExakTime Connect and/or AccountLinx.

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Creating a Category

  • Go to Manage then click on Categories.


  • On the categories page, click Add Category at the top.


  • Specify if the category should be associated with employees, locations or cost codes and enter a description of the category.


  • Press Save or Save & New until finished with adding categories.

Assigning a Category

  • To assign a category, you will want to look for the item you want to associate it to be it an employee, location or cost code. Click the pencil icon to the left of the item to review its details.


  • Within the general tab will be a drop-down menu to assign your category. Only one category can be assigned with an employee, location, or cost code.


  • Save your changes when finished.

Using a Category

In ExakTime Connect

Once your category has been assigned, it can be used:

  • In your employee, location or cost code list to organize your information with the column manager.



  • As a filter for reports to quickly generate reports for specific categories.


In AccountLinx

If an employee category is used, it can be enabled to separate employees in the employee list based on their respective categories. This setting can be found in AccountLinx by going

  • Go to Tools and click on Options.


  • In the Options window, click on Time & Attendance.


  • Enable the option  "Group employees by category on the time card screen" and click OK at the bottom.


  • When you return to the main AccountLinx page, the employee list will separate the employees based on their category.


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