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Guide to Mobile Settings on ExakTime Connect

"Mobile Settings" allow you to manage all available ExakTime Mobile settings for all copies associated with your ExakTime Connect. Any settings disabled/enabled from "Mobile Settings" will overwrite any default or manually changed settings of ExakTime Mobile.

After enabling Mobile Settings and related settings, you may need to have your employees sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile to receive the new settings.

 Individual ExakTime Mobile Settings

If the ExakTime Mobile settings will differ between employees, you will need to adjust the ExakTime Mobile Settings individually. For more information about this, you can refer to the following article.

Navigating and Enabling Mobile Settings

  • Go to Manage and click on Mobile Settings.


  • Toggle the option for "Manage Settings for all Employee Devices". The setting should be ON for 'Mobile Settings' to work.



Show crew confirmation screen

  • What It Does - Confirm which individuals in a crew will be clocked in or out. (Appears after selecting a crew, before they are clocked in or out.) This will not permanently change the crew and will only affect that immediate clock in/out.
  • Purpose - Allows a supervisor to more easily clock in a floater or temporary crew members among their normal crew. If the supervisor is expected to do this multiple times for the same people, it is best to make a new crew or adjust the original crew.


Prompt user to select a location when clocking out

  • What It Does - When the employee is clocking out, they will be asked to specify their location as well.
  • Purpose - Useful for employees that end their day at a specific location. For example, a driver is expected to drop off the company vehicle at a designated location and is not expected to work any further. If they are expected to work after dropping off their vehicle such as unloading the vehicle, prepping the vehicle for the next day, etc. then the employee should clock in to another cost code after they finish traveling. 


Require a GPS fix before clocking in or out*

  • What It Does - If the employee does not have a GPS coordinate to associate with their time record, they cannot clock in/out.
  • Purpose - Requires your employees to have usable GPS data so you can more accurately confirm if they were on site when clocking in/out. If the employee is in a location that affects consistent GPS coordinates such as a tunnel, basement, or large structure, then enabling this feature can prevent the employee from clocking in/out. Please note that there are exceptions to this Mobile Setting when using Clock For.


Require the device's Location Services to be enabled before clocking in or out*

  • What It Does - This option will force the user to at least have their location services on.
    This option does not guarantee that the user will have a GPS coordinate associated with their punch.
  • Purpose - Requires your employees to grant ExakTime Mobile permission to location services and for location services to be turned on. If the device is able to provide GPS data to ExakTime Mobile, we can associate the GPS data with the clock in/out. If the employee is in a location that affects consistent GPS coordinates such as a tunnel, basement, large structure, etc. then the employee is still able to clock in/out. Please note that there are exceptions to this Mobile Setting when using Clock For.


Automatically send time records after clocking in or out

  • What It Does - ExakTime Mobile will send any unsent records to ExakTime Connect after the employee clocks in/out.
  • Purpose - Offers an up-to-date view of your employee's actions throughout the day. In the event that the employee is unable to send their record immediately, it will be stored for the next attempt and will continue to be stored until it is successfully sent to ExakTime Connect. 

Automatically log out after clocking in or out

  • What It Does - After an employee clocks in/out for themselves, ExakTime Mobile will take the employee to the number pad so the next user to enter their PIN and repeat the process.
  • Purpose - If multiple employees are clocking in/out on a single device, this removes the step of requiring the employee to log out manually. If the employee is expected to perform additional actions such as creating field notes, they should do those actions before clocking in/out to prevent needing to log in again. Logging out will not clock an empolyee out. Having this option enabled will prevent the use of GeoTrakker.

    Employees will not automatically log out if they have permission to adjust ExakTime Mobile Settings or Clock For.

Enable Comments for Employees

  • What It Does - Allow employees to add a comment to their clock in and/or clock out so it is associated with the time record on the time card. For more information regarding this option, please refer to the following article: ExakTime Mobile Comments
  • Purpose - Gives your employees a chance to include additional information with their clock in/out. For example, if there was any trouble starting their day such as including a comment of "Stuck on freeway from large accident like other coworkers."


Enable Comments for Crews

  • What It Does - Allow employees with access to the Clock For function to add a comment with the clock in and/or clock out. For more information regarding this option, please refer to the following article: ExakTime Mobile Comments
  • Purpose - Gives supervisors clocking in/out a crew the opportunity to include additional information for all the crew's clock in/outs. For example, if the supervisor forgot to clock in the crew earlier in the day, they can include a comment for all affected employees for the office such as "Forgot to clock in crew at 8:30 AM, please adjust clock in time."


Sync Frequency

  • What It Does - How often the app will try to sync and update its information since the last attempt.
    • Daily (Every 24 Hours)
    • Every 2 Hours
    • Every 4 Hours
    • Manually
  • Purpose - Depending on the company's needs, ExakTime Mobile may need to sync more often throughout the day or less often. Syncing allows ExakTime Mobile to have the latest information such as locations, ExakTime Mobile options, and more.

Show a confirmation screen after the user chooses a location and cost code, before clocking the user in (Android Only)

  • What It Does - A confirmation screen to confirm the employee's selection.
  • Purpose - If employees need assurances of what they selected during their clock in.


Camera Mode (Android Only)

  • What It Does - Used to dictate if ExakTime Mobile will try to automatically rotate the camera and photos taken, or to have the user specify the rotations.
  • Purpose - As Android devices are made by a variety of manufacturers, the positioning and orientation of the front-facing camera can differ wildly. While the automatic function can take care of a majority of cases, ExakTime Mobile can take user-specific settings for how the camera should rotate images.

*Exceptions to GPS Requirements

If an employee is clocked in/out through the "Clock For" function of ExakTime Mobile, the Location Services/GPS Requirement will be ignored. This is intended because if an employee (administrator, supervisor, foreman, etc.) is trusted to clock in/out others, they should also be trusted to clock in/out at the correct location and verify that the employee(s) are at the location.

Employees using the "Clock For" function should look for an X over the GPS crosshair to be aware if GPS data will be associated with the clock in/out or not.


Employees, Locations, and Cost Codes Tabs

  • What It Does - Control how information is displayed to ExakTime Mobile users.
  • Purpose - Enforce a consistent view of how entities are displayed throughout the company.
  • Available Options -
    • First name, then last or Last name, then first. (Employee names Only)
    • Showing the Name only, the ID only, the Name and then the ID, or the ID and then the name.
    • Sort by the Name or the ID.
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