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Setting up an Employee to Start Using ExakTime Mobile

Setting up an Employee to begin using ExakTime Mobile can be quick and easy with only a handful of steps. This article assumes that all other aspects of ExakTime have been set up, such as ExakTime Mobile Security Roles, Policies, etc.

Setting Up the Employee

  1. Add and Set Up Employee with Basics - If the employee has not yet been added to your ExakTime system, you can add them in manually through ExakTime Connect, assign their ExakTime Mobile Security Role, and enter a PIN for them to use with ExakTime Mobile.
    • Assign an ExakTime Mobile Security Role - If the employee already exists in ExakTime, you would only need to assign their ExakTime Mobile Security Role and enter their PIN to grant them access to ExakTime Mobile.
  2. Set Up ExakTime Mobile - Your employee will need to install ExakTime Mobile on their device. You can either assist the employee with this and/or provide the handouts from the linked article. 

What's Next?

Once the employee is able to clock in and out on ExakTime Mobile, they can begin working and tracking their time. An admin should finish setting up the rest of the employee profile such as their Policy Group, their view sets, etc.

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