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What is the Company Setup Code for ExakTime?

The Company Setup Code is used when setting up ExakTime Mobile or SyncCenter for the first time to associate the application to your company account. The company setup code can be used company-wide by multiple employees. This company setup code will be usable for a week and will change every Tuesday.

Granting Permission

Non-administrators will not have permission to view the company setup code by default, but it can be granted to an ExakTime Connect Security Role if necessary. 

Expand for Steps on Granting Permission to Add Mobile Devices
  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Click the ExakTime Connect tab.


  • Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators will have the option by default.


  • In the permissions to the right, grant "Add" permission for the Manage Mobile Devices option.


  • If the employee also needs access to the Dashboard as well, grant them "Access".


  • Click Save when finished.

If you would like more information about other ExakTime Connect Security Role permissions, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Where Can I Find the Code?

From the Dashboard

  • If you're not already on the dashboard, you can get there by clicking Dashboard from the top menu bar.


  • The Company Setup Code and when the code will change will be found in the 'Mobile Device Management' section.


From Mobile Devices Page

  • Go to Manage and click Mobile Devices.


  • The code will appear near the top of the page and the date of when the code will change.


  • If needed, you can text the company setup code to an employee by clicking on "Add a Mobile Device."


  • A small window will appear where you can enter a phone number to send them a text message with the company setup code.

     SMS in USA Only

    To receive an SMS message, the employee must have a valid US-based mobile phone number.
    At this time, SMS notifications are supported in the USA.


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