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Why Is GeoTrakker Not Tracking My Employee?

GeoTrakker is a feature of ExakTime Mobile to track the movement of an mobile device for you to review in ExakTime Connect on the Map View page.

This is done by generating "breadcrumbs" as the mobile device moves about throughout the day based on the GPS data provided by the mobile device. ExakTime Mobile and GeoTrakker are 100% reliant on the GPS data generated and provided by the mobile device. 

If GeoTrakker is not tracking the movement at all, it is generally due to one or more of the following:

Battery Optimization

Mobile device manufacturers try to optimize apps to maximize battery life in a variety of ways that may impact the normal function of apps. This can be done by limiting how and/or when mobile data is used, when GPS data is generated in the background, and "closing" background apps by keeping the app open in your multi-task menu and silently closing it.

Battery optimization settings can differ between devices and may allow the employee to make adjustments to these settings so they can behave differently for ExakTime Mobile.

iOS does not currently offer many options for battery optimization at the app level. Any battery optimization is handled by iOS itself. 

Android offers a variety of methods to optimize battery levels. For more information about ExakTime Mobile and Android Battery optimization, you can refer to the following article: Disabling Battery Optimizations for Android Devices

Lack Of GPS

If the employee is in a location with poor GPS reception, it can affect how well we can track the movement of the employee.

Some reasons for this include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental factors such as cloudy sky, buildings surrounding the employee, underground, etc.
  • Location Services for the mobile device is turned off or ExakTime Mobile does not have permission to use location services.

Employee Did Not Clock In Themselves

GeoTrakker will only track an employee if they clock in themselves. If they are clocked in through the "Clock For" function by a supervisor or their start time is entered on ExakTime Connect by an admin, this will not trigger GeoTrakker to track the employee. 

Employee Not Logged In To ExakTime Mobile

After an employee clocks in, they must stay logged in to ExakTime Mobile for it to track their movement (They are not on the PIN pad screen). If they are logged out for any reason, be it automatically or manually, GeoTrakker will stop tracking.

If you have multiple employees sharing the same device and they are clocking in for themselves, the person that clocked in last will be tracked if they are still logged in.

ExakTime Mobile Has Been Closed

Mobile devices allow employees to force close any app similar to closing applications on your computer. If an employee force closes ExakTime Mobile, we will be unable to track the movement of the employee.

It may also be possible for the operating system to close ExakTime Mobile in the background to preserve system memory. While it may still appear in your multi-tasking menu, the app may actually be closed and will reload when you try to open it again. In these situations, you can adjust the battery optimization for your phone.

For information on how to adjust the battery optimization for Android, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

If you are using iOS, you have no options for adjusting the processes as Apple does not allow user changes. 

Low Battery

If the battery level reaches 20% or below on the employee's mobile device, ExakTime Mobile will cease GeoTrakker for safety reasons.

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