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Not Receiving Any Time Punches from ExakTime Mobile

  Delayed Punches?

If you are receiving your employees' punches, but they are delayed and/or sent in batches, you can refer to Why Are My Employees ExakTime Mobile Punches Delayed?

By default, ExakTime Mobile is set to send employee punches after they have clocked in/out so you can receive a steady stream of information from the field. In the event that you have not received employee punches as expected, go through the steps below to help determine the cause.

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Are Time Punches Quarantined?

If an employee's time card has been pre-maturely approved or if the pay period has been closed, any time punches created by your employees will not be accepted to their time card until the cause for time quarantining is resolved. If you are using time card approvals or pay period closing, you can refer to the following article for more information on how quarantined time works.

Are Employees Completing the Clock In/Out Processing?

Clocking in generally requires you to press GO, pick a location, pick a cost code and take your FaceFront photo. At the end of the process, they should see a "Clock In Successful" message. If they are not seeing a "Clock In Successful" message, then they have not clocked in properly and no time punch has been made. Pressing STOP is similar but has fewer steps. There should be a "Clock Out Successful" message at the end.


Are Punches on the History Tab?

If an employee has access to view the "ExakTime Mobile History," they can see the time punches that have been made and if they have been sent. Punches that have been sent will have the words "Sent", while punches that not have been sent will not.

If you would like to enable "Time Record History" option for employees, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Can ExakTime Mobile Sync Normally?

By default, ExakTime Mobile is set to send punches right after they are made. If for whatever reason a punch cannot be sent, it will be stored so ExakTime Mobile can try to send it after the next clock in/out.  ExakTime Mobile will repeatedly try to send the time punch until it is successfully sent, either after a clock in/out or with a Sync.

To confirm if ExakTime Mobile can sync, press the Sync button.

This can be done by pressing the sync icon in the top right of the Time Clock screen or by pressing the menu button and pressing Sync at the bottom. If there are any errors, it should indicate the cause of the error such as being unable to connect to the internet or insufficient coverage. 



Does ExakTime Mobile have access to mobile data?

ExakTime Mobile is commonly used on phones and tablets in the field which is reliant on mobile data from your cellular service provider to send and receive information. These Android and iOS devices offer users the capability to disable the use of mobile data to prevent undesired data usage. This can cause issues for ExakTime Mobile as a lack of mobile data will prevent syncing and the sending of punches.

For iOS

These steps may differ depending on the iOS version, but the idea should be consistent.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Cellular.
  3. Make sure Cellular Data is enabled.
  4. Look for and tap ExakTime to make sure that cellular data has been enabled for ExakTime.

For Android

These steps may differ depending on the manufacturer of the device, but the idea should be consistent.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Network & Internet or Connections
  3. Go to Data usage.
  4. Make sure Mobile Data is enabled.

Does the mobile device have internet access via Wi-Fi?

If your device is having cellular data issues or relies on Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, confirm that the internet is working as expected on the mobile device. Open the web browser, try to access any website, and see if there is an issue.

If the user is connecting to public Wi-Fi, they may need to read and accept the terms & conditions of the public Wi-Fi before being able to access the internet.

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