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Using SiteHub on ExakTime Mobile

If enabled, SiteHub can show you a variety of information about a selected location. It can show recent activity, nearby locations, and even navigation to the jobsite by using your mobile device’s navigation app.

Navigating to SiteHub

Tap the menu button in the top left (≡) and tap SiteHub. If you are within the GeoFence for a location, it will automatically select it for you. If not, you can select it from a list of locations. The numbers next to the location name indicate the number of recent events in the live feed from the past 24 hours.

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SiteHub Overview

Location Photo & Location Selector

  • Press Locations to view a list of locations so you can view SiteHub data of other locations.
  • Press Set Photo to set the photo for a location in SiteHub. This can help people that are unfamiliar with a location.


Live Feed

The "Live Feed" tile will show you recent activity sent within the past 7 days from ExakTime Mobile (currently not ExakTime Connect) for a given location such as when an employee clocked in, field notes associated with a location, expenses submitted by an employee, etc.

The live feed will populate with data when the creator of the data had internet at the time of creation. If there was no internet connection at the time of data creation, it will not populate the "Live Feed".


On Site Now

The "On Site Now" tile displays who is currently clocked in at the location. If enabled by your ExakTime Admin, the current estimated labor cost per hour will also be listed.


Get Directions

The "Get Directions" tile will allow you to view a small map with a pinpoint of the location. Press Get Directions to pass the address information to the mapping app of your phone.


Nearby Hospitals/Restaurants

Nearby Hospitals/Restaurants will show local hospitals and restaurants of the location based on the given address from Google.

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