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How to Email an Employee Their Time Card

If you ever need to email an employee a copy of their time, you can do so while reviewing their time card detail.

You will first need to enter a valid email under their contact information in their employee details. If you are unsure how to do this, you can expand the below section:

Entering an Email for an Employee
  • Go to Manage in the Menu bar and click Employees.


  • Click the blue pencil to the left of an Employee's name.


  • Scroll downwards toward the Contact Information and enter the email address for the employee.


  • Click Save when finished.

Once an employee has an email, the option to email the time card will be available from the Time Card Detail. Once clicked, an email will be sent for the pay period that you are viewing.

  • This option can only be done per employee and not in bulk.


When they receive the email, they will see a pre-formatted email containing their time card information like below.


  Additional Information

For alternate methods to show employees their time, you can refer to How Can My Employees Review Their Time?

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