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ExakTime Connect Permissions And What They Do

ExakTime Connect offers a variety of permissions that allow you to limit employees to certain abilities (No Access, Access All, View, Edit, etc.) for specific areas.

  Additional Information

For more information on the ExakTime Connect security role page and its function, you can refer to ExakTime Connect Security Roles Overview

Navigating to ExakTime Connect Security Roles
  • Go to Manage and clicking on Security Roles.


  • Click the ExakTime Connect tab


  • Create a new ExakTime Connect security role or select an existing security role.


  • The ExakTime Connect permissions will appear on the right-hand side.

As there are a wide variety of available permissions, we have separated the permissions and provided a brief description as to the capability of a permission.

Employees, Locations, Cost Codes & Categories


  • Manage Employees - Manage employees and their information.
  • Employees Viewsets - Limit the employees that an employee can see within ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile.
  • Employee Custom Fields - Custom fields associated to an employee.
  • Manage Locations - Manage locations and their information.
  • Location Viewsets - Limit what cost codes can be used with a location.
  • Location Custom Fields - Custom fields associated to a location.
  • Manage Cost Codes - Manage cost codes and their information.
  • Cost Code Custom Fields - Custom fields associated to a cost code.
  • Manage Categories - Manage categories that can be associated to employees, locations, cost codes, etc.
  • Manage Custom Fields - Manage custom fields that can be associated to employees, locations, cost codes, etc.


  • Employee Hourly Wage - View the employee hourly wage for an employee profile.
  • Merge Locations - Merge multiple locations into another single location.
Time Management


  • Time Card Summary & Details - Access to Time Card Summary and Time Card Detail areas of ExakTime Connect. These permissions dictate the ability to make view and/or make changes to employees time cards within their employee viewset. The employee with permission to Time Card Details/Summary can also view and/or edit their own time card. 
  • My Time Card - Access to the Time Card of the user currently logged into ExakTime Connect. Permissions can allow employees to only view or have the ability to edit their own time cards.
    • If an employee has "No Access" to "My Time Card", but has access to "Time Card Summary & Details", they will still be able to view and/or edit their own time card. 


  • ExakTime Form Responses on Time Cards - Access to employee ExakTime Forms responses within employees time cards via the column manager or dedicated ExakTime Form Response button.
  • Custom Fields on Time Cards - Access to custom fields on employees time cards through the time card column manager.


  • Connect Clock In/Out - Access to Connect Clock on ExakTime Connect
  • Clock In For - Allow user to clock in other employees using the Connect Clock through ExakTime Connect.


  • Bulk Time Entry - Access to the Bulk Time Entry area of ExakTime Connect. Allows for entering the same block of time for multiple employees.
  • Time Card Approval - Level of approval for users in this Security Role. Allows employees, supervisors and/or administrators to approve and lock time cards.


  • Close Pay Periods - Allows user to close pay periods. Once a pay period is closed, no new time entries or time record adjustments can be made to that time period.
  • View Quarantined Time - Allows user to view Quarantine Time area of Time Card Summary. Quarantine time is where time records will go when a pay period is closed or employees time card has been approved.
  • Approve Time Cards That Contain Exceptions - Allows users to approve time cards that contain exceptions (incomplete and/or overlapping time records).


  • Policies - Access to the Policies area of ExakTime Connect. Policies control rules for Overtime, punch or time rounding, auto lunch, travel.
  • Shift Pay Codes - Allows access to shift pay codes that can be associated to shifts worked.
Schedule Management

The permissions below will only be present if you have the Scheduling feature added to your account.


  • Manage Schedule - Access to manage schedules of employees with the option to view, edit, and add.
  • My Schedule - Access to view your own schedule.
Mobile & Hardware


  • Manage Mobile Devices- Access to Mobile Devices page and Company Setup Code on the ExakTime Connect Dashboard. The Company Setup Code is used to setup a copy of ExakTime Mobile with your ExakTime Connect account. The Mobile Devices page allows you to text company setup code to a valid mobile number and disable a copy of ExakTime Mobile. 
    • The "Add" permission is required to view the "Company Setup Code" on the Dashboard and Mobile Devices.
    • The "Delete" permission allows an employee to disable a copy of ExakTime Mobile. This does not delete the mobile app from the device. 
  • Mobile Settings - Access and edit ability to Mobile Settings area of ExakTime Connect.
  • Groups - Access to Groups area of ExakTime Connect and level of access. Allows grouping of employees, location, and cost codes for easier viewing of these elements within ExakTime Mobile.
  • JobClocks - Access to JobClocks area of ExakTime Connect and level of access. Add a new JobClock to the system or check on the current assigned location, battery status and last collected dates of JobClocks.
  • Keytabs - Access to Keytabs area of employees profile and level of access.
Tools & Communication


  • Dashboard - Access to the Dashboard within ExakTime Connect. General information including the number of employees currently clocked in, location information and quick links.
  • Map View - Access to MapView area of ExakTime Connect. View on a map where employees were when they made punches
  • Map View> GeoTrakker - Access to GeoTrakker section of Map View. View employees movements throughout their day while currently clocked in.


  • Field Notes - Access to Field Notes area of ExakTime Connect and level of permission. Add field notes through ExakTime Connect within this area.
  • Field Notes on Time Cards - Access to Field Notes quick link on employees time cards.


  • Equipment - Access to the Equipment area of ExakTime Connect and level of permission.
  • Manage Equipment Types - Access to the Equipment Types section of the Equipment page.
  • Equipment Custom Fields - Access to custom fields associated to Equipment.


  • Expenses - Access to Expenses area of ExakTime Connect and level of permission. Expenses allows your employees to submit any work expenses right from ExakTime Mobile to you in the office on ExakTime Connect.
  • Manage Expense Types - Access to Manage Expense Types within the Expenses area and level of permission. Allows ability to view, edit, or add new Expense types for employee use.
  • Expense Custom Fields - Access to add Expense as a Custom Field type within the Custom Fields area of ExakTime Connect.


  • ExakTime Forms Viewer - Access responses to ExakTime Forms within ExakTime Connect.
  • Time Card Form Response Selector - Access to the response selector area of ExakTime Connect and level of permission. Allows ability to display or remove the ExakTime Form questions from employee use.


  • User Notification Settings - Access to the user's Notification settings for Time Off.


  • Import - Access to the Import area of ExakTime connect and permission to import either employee, locations, and/or cost codes via .csv import.
  • Import History - Access the Import History page that allows an employee to view recent CSV import attempts.


  • Collection Details - Access to Collection Details area of ExakTime Connect. View the time records in their raw form.
  • Session Details - Access to Session Details within Collection Details. Allows ability to edit time records in their raw form.
  • AccountLinx - Unused setting currently in ExakTime Connect.
Company Administration


  • Company Settings - Access to Company Settings area of ExakTime Connect and level of permission. Company Settings is where you can enter the home address of your company, set up your pay period, and enable certain options for ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
  • Security Roles - Access to Security Role section of ExakTime Connect and permission. User must have access to create/edit new or existing security roles or assign security roles to employees.
  • Licensing - Access to Licensing area of ExakTime Connect. View license count and ability to click the Check for New Licenses button which is required after purchasing additional licenses.
Time Off

For more information about the availability of this feature, contact your Account Manager.


  • Time Off Plans - Permission to view and set up time off plans, such as how time off is accrued, who can accrue time, etc.
  • Approve Time Off Requests - Permission to approve the time off requests for employees within their viewset and their own. Will also allow permission to cancel a pending or approved time off request for situations where employees are unable to cancel their requests themselves so time cards can be adjusted for payroll. 
  • Request Time Off - Permission to request time off.


The report permission desginates if an employee can access all reports in ExakTime Connect or specific reports. For more information on the available reports, please refer to the following article that details each report with an example of each

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