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How to Assign ExakTime Mobile Security Roles Through Security Roles

An employee's ExakTime Mobile security role determines what they can do from ExakTime Mobile, ranging from viewing their time card, clocking in/out for other employees, creating field notes, etc. You can quickly assign an ExakTime Mobile security role and their PIN from the Security Roles page.

If you would rather assign the security role from the employee profile, you can refer to the following article.

Assigning ExakTime Mobile Security Role

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • Add a new security role or select an existing security role from the ExakTime Mobile tab.


  • Click the Employee Members tab.


  • Select the employee with the checkbox towards the left of the employee


  • If the employee does not already have an Exaktime Mobile PIN, a window will appear for you to enter a PIN.


  • Save your changes.
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