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How to Create and Assign a Security Role for ExakTime Connect or Mobile

Security roles are used in ExakTime to determine what an employee can or cannot do within your ExakTime account. We offer a variety of default Security Roles such as Administrator and Employee roles to get you started, but you can create your own security roles to fit your company's needs. 

Creating a Security Role

  1. Click Manage and go to Security Roles.


  2. The ExakTime Mobile tab will be selected by default. If you need to create a role for ExakTime Connect, click the ExakTime Connect tab.


  3. Click Add Security Role and give the security role a name. This name will be seen when assigning a Security Role.


  4. Enable the permissions needed for the security role. If you are unfamiliar with the permissions we offer, you can refer to either of the articles below:


  5. Click Save when finished

Assigning an ExakTime Connect Security Role

After creating the security role, you will need to assign it to the employee through the Security Roles page or the employee's profile. If you are unsure how you can refer to the resources listed below:

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