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Differences Between EZSign and EchoSign

EZSign and Echosign both allow administrators to gather electronic signatures from various company resources via the Workflow Management Module. The following article will go over the similarities and differences between the two product offerings. 

EchoSign Product Offering: Adobe Product

  • Works on multiple file types 
    • Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and various graphics (jpg, tiff, png) 
  • Captures time and date stamp of signer
  • Signature is added to the end of the document 
  • Resource must have an email saved against their profile 
  • Documents can be fillable
  • Signed documents will be stored on the Employee Profile
  • Requires a service activation 




EZSign Product Offering: Native Product

  • Captures time and date stamp of signer
  • Documents must be edited via a document editor to include form fields prior to being loaded into the system 
    • Menu > Settings > Prefilled Forms  
    • A PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat Pro is recommended, but not required 
  • Documents are pre-fillable, and can be mapped to pull in desired fields 
    • Signatures can be placed in a specific location on the document 
    • Information can be pulled into the document (ie: EE name, address, etc). 
  • Signed documents will be stored on the Employee Profile 
  • Requires a service activation 


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