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Company Settings Introduction

While there are many options available in Company Settings, we will focus on the most commonly used.

  • To get started, select Manage and click Company Settings.


  • Then select the Time & Attendance tab.


  • Here you will configure your pay periods by selecting Edit.


  • Choose your desired pay period schedule and selecting the first day of your current pay period.


  • Next, scroll down and select the first day of your work week. This is typically, but not always, the same as the first day of the pay period selected above.


  • As a best practice, it is also recommended that you enable Pay Period Closing. This will give administrators the ability to close out and lock all time data for a given pay period. Note that you cannot close a pay period that is current, and closing a (previous) pay period is a manual process. If you would like a reminder to close pay periods at the right time, check the box to Enable finalize time alert. This alert is displayed in the time card section and is simply a reminder to finalize all edits to time cards before closing them out.


  • Next, navigate back to the top and select the Other tab.


  • Then scroll down to ExakTime Forms. Enabling these forms means your employees will be asked specific questions about their workday. When employees clock in, you can ask them about their exposure to COVID before they begin their shift. When employees clock out, you can ask them if they took all appropriate breaks throughout the day, and even if they were injured on the job.


  • If you intend to use Groups or work crews in the mobile application, make sure to check the box to Show employee, location, cost code, and equipment groups in ExakTime Mobile.


  • Finally, scroll down and select the time zone for your business.


  • Click Save at the bottom when finished.

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