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What to Do When an Employee Leaves Your Company in ExakTime

If an employee were to leave your company, there are a couple of steps you can perform in ExakTime Connect to free up an employee license and help prevent the employee from further accessing the system.

Deactivate the Employee

The first step for any employee leaving your company is to set their employee entry to "inactive".

  • Go to Manage and click Employees.


  • Towards the left of an employee name will be a small checkbox. Uncheck the box and that is it.


  • You can also take away access to ExakTime Connect/ExakTime Mobile by clicking the pencil icon to the left of an employee's name and setting their ExakTime Security Roles to "No Access." After removing their ExakTime Connect access, they should not be able to sign in further. If using ExakTime Mobile, the employee will still be able to use ExakTime Mobile until their next sync which will update ExakTime Mobile information, such as which employees are active/inactive.



Disable their Copy of ExakTime Mobile

As long as ExakTime Mobile is installed and setup on an Employee's device, it will be usable. If you do not want to receive any further information from a past employee's copy of ExakTime Mobile, you will need to disable their copy of the app. Once disabled, ExakTime Mobile will allow one last transmission of information so you can receive their final time records, then become unusable after until given a new company setup code.

  • Go to Manage and click Mobile Devices.


  • Look for the appropriate device in "Approved Devices" and click Disable to the right of the device entry.


  • The employee will then see the following message on ExakTime Mobile when it has been disabled.


  • If the employee returns to your company, you can provide them the latest company setup code so they can begin working again.

Preserving Time Data

When it comes to preserving a past employee's time records, there is nothing additional that would need to be done. As long as an employee's time records have not been deleted by an administrator, they will stay in your system regardless if they are active or inactive.

If you want a physical copy of their time cards, for whatever reason, you can use any of our reports. The best reports that would be suggested are the Touch Detail Report and the Time Card by Week.

The Touch Detail report looks closest to the Time Card Details and shows the locations, cost codes, and when they clocked in/out.

The Time Card by Week report will give a simpler weekly breakdown of how long an employee performed a certain location & cost code combination.

  Additional Information

For more information on either report, you can use either of the following links:

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