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What is My Company ID for ExakTime?

Depending on how you log in to your ExakTime Connect account, you may be prompted to enter your company ID as in the example below.


The company ID is the beginning portion of your ExakTime Connect URL as in the example below. 


Finding Company ID via Browser History

If you are unsure of your company ID or ExakTime Connect URL, you may be able to find it by checking your Browser's history (using the keyboard combination CTRL + H) and searching for "ExakTime". You should be able to locate the company ID and URL in the history search results.


Finding Company ID via Previous Emails

If you have the original email used to verify your ExakTime username, you should be able to see the ExakTime URL/company ID. You can search terms such as "ExakTime Verification" or "ExakTime Account" to find the email and locate your ExakTime URL/Company ID.

Company ID - Email - 01.png

Unable to Locate Company ID

If you are still unable to find/locate your Company ID/ExakTime URL, you can contact our support team with the "Request Support" link at the top of the page for further assistance. 

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