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Time Zone & Daylight Saving Settings

IMPORTANT: The company setting for time zones must be configured prior to Daylight Saving time change, otherwise time records must be manually corrected by the administrator.

ExakTime Connect uses your configured Time Zone to determine if your area/system follows Daylight Saving Time changes or not. This will primarily affect hardware that does not connect to cellular towers to receive their date/time (JobClock/EX & JobClock/LE, & certain JobClock Hornet scenarios).

Devices that are able to connect to cellular towers such as cell phones can receive their date/time from cellular towers directly, allowing their date/time to be accurate independent of the ExakTime Connect settings. If these devices are unable to connect to cellular towers consistently or if they are not set to automatically adjust for daylight savings, the date/time on them can be inaccurate. 

While uncommon, take into special consideration employees working along the border of different time zones as a device can automatically adjust their date/time to match whatever date/time of the cellular tower they are connected to.

Any employees working through the daylight savings change in the Fall may need to have their time records manually adjusted on ExakTime Connect to better reflect the amount hours they should be receiving.

  Additional Information

If you are wanting to adjust the time on your JobClock with a FastTrakker Pro in preparation for the spring/fall, you can refer to Adjusting for DST on a JobClock using the FastTrakker Pro

You can set this value through the Company Settings within the website by following the steps below:

  • Go to Manage at the top and select Company Settings.


  • Click on the Other tab


  • Scroll down until you see the Time Zone section


  • In the drop-down select the appropriate Time Zone for the area you are in. If your employees work across multiple time zones, select the time zone that your main office is located in.


  • Click Save.

When selecting the time zone, as long as the time zone respects Daylight Savings time changes then all hardware devices associated to your ExakTime Connect account will adjust their time by going forward or backward an hour as needed.

As ExakTime Mobile relies on the date/time of the device it is installed upon, as long as the device is properly set to automatically adjust for daylight savings, the time records from ExakTime Mobile should be accurate.

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