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Clocking In/Out with Connect Clock

Connect Clock is an option for ExakTime Connect to clock in/out to track your time, clocking in/out for others, and also track your meal breaks. You would simply log in to ExakTime Connect with your username and Connect Clock is a couple of clicks away for you to begin tracking your time. 

How to Use Connect Clock

  • Click Clock In/Out towards the top left of ExakTime Connect while logged in.


  • Select your location and cost code when clocking in. You will click GO to clock in and begin your day. You will see a confirmation message after clocking in.
    • If given the ability to clock in/out for others, you can select an employee from the drop-down menu to clock in/out for another employee.



  • To change your location and/or cost code, you would simply change your location and/or cost code, and press GO again. You will repeat this throughout the day as needed to track your time. You do not have to press STOP to change your location or cost code.
  • If your ExakTime administrator has enabled meal breaks, there will be an additional option for "Meal Break". You would simply click "Meal Break" to begin your meal break. When you are done with your meal break, you will click "End Break" to continue working with your previous location and cost code.
    • You may see an additional message letting you know that you still have some break time left. You can end your meal break early.
  • When you are done for the day, you will press STOP to clock out and receive a confirmation like below.



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