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How to Add Time with Bulk Time Entry

Bulk Time Entry lets you add the same amount of time to multiple employees in a single go. This can help for situations such as your employees attending a company-wide meeting that you want to keep track of on their time card.

Please keep in mind that bulk entry will not allow any of the following:

  • Will not let you delete/edit the records in bulk and must do so individually on the employee's time card detail.
  • Will not create multiple time records with a single bulk time entry. 
    • For example, if you want to add 8 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-5 PM time records, you must create them with two separate sessions. 
  • Will not create time records to be entered for multiple days. Time records can only be added to a single day currently. 
Navigating to Bulk Time Entry

Go to Time Cards and click Bulk Time Entry.


  • Select the employees that you will be adding time records for. You can also search for an employee or use the employee category to filter the list of employees.


  • Specify the Location, Cost Code, dates, and times for the time to be added in bulk. It may help to enter a comment for future reference. 


  • A confirmation window should appear for you to review the time records to be added. Double-check the information as the added records cannot be deleted/edited in bulk and must be done individually. If the information is correct, click Add.


  • You should see a confirmation message toward the top of the page.


If you need to edit the time records after they have been added, you will need to do so from the Time Card Detail page.

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