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Adding & Reviewing Expenses In ExakTime Mobile

If enabled, expenses allow you to enter expenses incurred throughout the day from ExakTime Mobile. The expenses are later synced to ExakTime Connect for your ExakTime administrator to review.

If you are unsure what to select when submitting an expense, please speak with your ExakTime administrator for your company's best practices.

The screenshots below are for Android devices, but the idea is consistent for iOS.

Navigating to Expenses

  • Tap the menu button in the top left (≡) and tap Expenses from the menu.


Entering an Expense

  • Enter the required information for your expense.


    • Date - The date of the Expense (Today will be the default, but you can change the date)
    • Employee - The employee that should be associated with the expense. This would typically be you.
    • Location - This is what the expense would be associated with when reviewing on ExakTime Connect. 
    • Expense Type - Select the type of expense.
    • Amount
    • Comment - Enter any comment that could be beneficial for the expense record. Enter the required information for your expense.
  • Press Save when finished.
  • After an expense has been saved, it will be sent on the next automatic or manual sync.
  • If you want to sync the expense immediately, open the side menu and click Sync. Keep in mind, the expense cannot be modified if it has been synced.


Reviewing Expenses

  • Tap History to review previously saved expenses.


  • Expense History will show the date, location, expense type, and amount of your saved expenses. Tapping an expense allows you to view additional information.

    EM_-_New_-_Expenses_-_04.png EM_-_New_-_Expenses_-_02.png

  • If the Expense has been unsent, it can be edited or deleted. 


  • The Expense icon towards the left will have the word 'Sent' after the expense has been sent/synced to ExakTime Connect. 


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