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Enabling Supervisor Time Card Approvals on ExakTime Mobile

Mobile supervisor approvals is a current feature to ExakTime Connect/Mobile that will allow your supervisors to approve other time cards directly from the ExakTime Mobile app.

This article assumes that Time Card Approval has already been enabled and set up. For more information about setting up Time Card Approvals, please refer to the following comprehensive article.

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Enable Supervisor Time Card Approval

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • The left-hand side will be a list of available roles. By default, we offer Administrator, Supervisor, Employee, and No Access. Select the role that should be able to approve other time cards or add a new security role. The Administrator role cannot be adjusted. The right-hand side will list available permissions.


  • Enable the appropriate approval permission for the role.


    • Enable "Supervisor: can approve time cards for employees in their viewset" so supervisors can approve the time cards of other employees. For more information about setting up a supervisor's viewset, please refer to the following article.
      • "Can Approve Time Cards That Have Exceptions" allows supervisors to approve the time card even if the time card is incomplete or needs to be corrected e.g. the employee forgot to clock in or out on a day, overlapping time, etc.
  • Press Save.
  • If you are unfamiliar with assigning a security role, you can follow the steps in the following article to assign security roles through the security roles page or through an employee profile.

What Supervisors Will Do

You can refer to the following article for steps on what the supervisor would do to approve time cards. Your supervisors can also access the article from the Help section of ExakTime Mobile.

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