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Why is an Employee Not Receiving their Verification or Other Emails?

Emails can be sent from any of our Arcoro modules for a variety of reasons, such as email verifications, scheduled reports from Core, job requisitions in the ATS, and more. As there are a variety of Arcoro options/features that can automatically email employees, we have provided common solutions below:

Double-Check that the Employee is Set to Receive the Email

A common problem that can be overlooked is that the employee was not originally set to receive the emails to begin with. Double-check the feature/option where an employee is selected to receive emails and make sure that they are listed. 

Double-Check the Employee's Email

If an employee has not received their email, double-check that their email was correctly entered. If the email was corrected, resend the email if possible. If the email is sent on a schedule, you can wait for the next scheduled event. If the employee is waiting for a verification email, resend the verification email.

Check Spam/Junk Folder

Have the employee check their spam, junk, or blocked folder. The email sender can be any of the following depending on the application in use, but may not be limited to those listed below:


Check Filter

Some employees can have a filter that is automatically deleting emails if they contain certain keywords. Have the employee double-check their email filters to ensure our emails are not being automatically deleted.

Check With Your IT Team

If you have an IT team that manages your email server, check to see if they have any email filters that prevent emails from reaching the employee. If there are email filters at a higher level, the emails would not reach the normal spam folders. 

Contact Us

If your employee(s) is still having trouble receiving emails, contact us for assistance so we can investigate from our side what may be happening. 

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