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Troubleshooting Generic System/Website Errors

If you encounter an error when using any of our Arcoro products such as a 404, try the following:

  • Try again - See if you can try to access the page or re-perform the action. Some trouble can be due to a momentary hiccup in internet services.
  • Log out and log back in - Some trouble can be due to your current session and things happening in the background such as an Administrator adjusting your permissions as you are navigating the website.
  • Clear your cache/cookies - As websites will automatically cache parts of a website to improve loading times for future visits, it is possible for your browser to refer to old now-corrupted data.
    • If you are using Google Chrome, you can perform a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 if using Windows or Shift +F5 if using Mac. 
    • You can refer to the following article for information about clearing the cache/cookies of popular web browsers.
  • Check other tabs/windows if you are logged out - Some websites determine your activity on a per-tab/window basis. So if you are active in one window, but have another window open in the background, the window in the background will automatically log you out due to inactivity. Since the current "session" has been terminated due to the auto-logout, all other matching "sessions" can present errors as you are technically logged out. 
  • Try another web browser - It can help to try another web browser on your computer to help determine if the trouble is browser-specific. 
  • Did you try another computer in your office and/or are other people having trouble? - Help determine if the trouble is localized to you/your computer or other users/computers in your office.

If you continue to have trouble, submit a support request and let us know what steps you had performed from above, anything else that is not listed above, and in what web browser to help narrow down possible issues. You can use the copy/paste the list below when submitting a request to help us narrow down what you are doing.

  • Description of Issue (be thorough): 
  • Did you try to log out and back in? Yes/No
  • Did you try to clear your browser cache/cookies? Yes/No
  • Did you try other web browsers? If so, which web browsers are you having trouble with?
  • Are other users or other computers in your office having similar trouble?
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