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Why Am I Locked Out of the Website?

The website will automatically lock out a user after five failed attempts to sign in and show 'Account Locked' on the log-in page.

After five failed attempts, your username will be locked for 5-minutes and an alert will be sent to the email associated with the username. You can try again after 5 minutes have passed or by resetting your password from the email alert that your username has been locked. 

Login Screen Message

After five failed attempts, you will see a message that your user account has been locked. You can wait 5 minutes for your account to be automatically unlocked and try again.

An email notification will also be sent to the associated username that the username has been locked and the option to reset their password.


Email Notification

An email will also be sent after five failed attempts indicating that you can try again in five minutes or reset your password to unlock it immediately, set up a new password, and try again. 

To reset your password, click Reset Password. For more information about resetting your password, you can refer to the following article: Forgot Your Password.


If you did not try to log in to the software, then someone may be trying to sign in with your username which should be a security concern. You should immediately reset your password and double-check any other websites/services that use the same username and password in the event that someone is trying to brute force their way into any of your accounts.

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