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Tracking Travel Time With ExakTime Mobile

To begin tracking your travel time between locations, you will need to clock in and select the appropriate travel-related cost code for your company. When you arrive at your destination, you will clock in again to begin your next cost code.

If you do not have a travel-related cost code, consult your ExakTime Administrator on what should be done to track travel time, if at all.

Starting to Travel

  • Press GO.


  • Select your CURRENT location. The location list may also show a sub-list of locations that you are in the vicinity of with an EM_iOS_-_GPS_Icon_-_00.png icon towards the right of the location name.


  • Choose the Travel cost code appropriate for your company (It may also be listed as Drive Time, Travelling, Trucking, etc.).


Finishing Travel

  • Press GO.


  • Select your CURRENT location.


  • Choose the cost code that you will be performing.


Example Of Work Day

As you travel throughout the day, you should always press GO, clock in to your travel cost code, then press GO and clock in again when you are no longer traveling and will be performing another cost code.

If you are traveling to a location to finish your day, however, such as dropping off the company truck at the office, you can press STOP to clock out when you arrive at the office for the end of your day.

If you are unsure about what should be pressed and when, please consult with your ExakTime administrator for your company's best practices.

We have an example of a typical workday for someone that travels often below:


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