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How to View Who Is Clocked In on a Copy of ExakTime Mobile

The Time Clock allows employees with appropriate permission, such as supervisors or team leads, the ability to view employees that have clocked in on the device in hand and is intended for locations where all employees are to use a single device to clock in/out with. 

Towards the bottom of the 'Clock In' screen will be the number of employees that used the device to clock in, along with the number of locations and cost codes used amongst the employees. Tapping the arrow will allow you to view a list of employees and the option to clock out for them. Listed employees are automatically removed from this list 12 hours after their punch was made if the employee has not clocked out on the device.

Please note, that this will not show employees that have clocked in/out on other copies of ExakTime Mobile or sources, such as JobClocks or ExakTime Connect. To ensure that the information listed is correct, the employees should use the same device to clock in to other locations/cost codes and to clock out.


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