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Adding & Reviewing Field Notes In ExakTime Mobile

If enabled, Field Notes allow you to send useful notes, pictures, and/or voice recordings to ExakTime Connect for your office to review.

You may need to allow certain device permissions to fully use Field Notes:

  • Camera permission to take photos and attach to field notes.
  • Storage permission to attach photos from your photo gallery.
  • Microphone permission to use the mic to record voice memos/notes.

If you do not see Field Notes in ExakTime Mobile, but believe you should, consult your ExakTime administrator for assistance. 

Adding A Field Note

  • Press the menu button in the top left (≡) and press Field Notes from the menu.


  • Press the + icon for the subject to specify who, where, or what the field note should be associated with. If you are unsure of the subject for a field note, consult your ExakTime administrator on best practices. 

    EM_-_New_-_Field_Notes_-_13.png  EM_-_New_-_Field_Notes_-_02.png

  • Enter any comments/notes, take a photo with the camera, attach a photo from your gallery, or record a voice note.


  • Tap the photo to draw on the image to point something out.

    EM_-_New_-_Field_Notes_-_03.png EM_-_New_-_Field_Notes_-_04.png

  • Press Save when finished towards the top-right (if on iOS) or at the bottom (if on Android)


Reviewing Field Notes

  • Press History at the bottom (if using iOS) or at the top (if using Android) to review previously saved field notes from the past two weeks.


  • History will show the subject and comments of any field notes saved from the past two weeks. Tapping a field note allows you to view additional information and the ability to edit a field note if unsent. 


  • The Field Notes icon towards the left will have the word 'Sent' after the field note has been sent/synced with ExakTime Connect. 


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