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Adding/Editing Email Templates for the ATS

While we offer a variety of email templates for everyday use, you can add your own to meet your company's needs or edit an existing email template. 

Navigating to Email Templates
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar.


  • Click Email Templates from the list on the left-hand side.



Adding/Editing Email Templates

  • Click Add Template to create a new template or click Edit from the Action column for an existing template.


  • Enter the name for the email template, the email type from the drop-down menu, and the subject of the email. The email type determines where it can by used within the ATS. The following email types are:
    • Auto Responder
    • Candidate Email
    • Hiring Manager Email
    • Referral Network Email
    • Offer Letter Email


  • Enter the body of the email.


  • If the type of email has been selected, the mail merge option will appear and allow you to enter email-type-specific text that will automatically fill in information when an email is sent, such as the name of the recipient, so they are personalized for everyone. The mail merge dropdown must be used as typing the same text will not work.


  • Click the ATS - insert Image - 01.png image icon to insert an image by the image URL. The image URL must be publicly available (images stored on some cloud storage providers may not be publicly available and can only accessed within the cloud website.). You can right-click on a web image, click 'Copy Image Address', then paste the image URL into the 'Source URL' field on the ATS. Be mindful of using image URLs outside of your organization/control in the event that the image is taken down.

    ATS - Job Templates - Insert Image - 00.png

  • Click the eye eye.svg icon to see a preview of your email.



  • Click Save Changes when done.
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