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Adding/Editing Users and Assigning User Roles for the ATS

Having additional users in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to have more people involved throughout the system from job posting, approving candidates, and more.

Navigating to User Maintenance
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar.


  • Click User Maintenance from the list on the left-hand side.



Adding/Editing a User

  1. Click Add User to add a new user or click the pencil icon to edit an existing user.  


  2. A menu should appear like below. Enter the employee's basic information, their email, and a username that will be used to log in with.
    • If you have multiple Arcoro modules (ATS, Onboarding, etc.), it is important that the name, email, and username are consistent across all your modules and unique for the Arcoro system/products. A best practice is to use the user's work email address as their username.
    • If you are also using our Core module, it is best to set up the user and username in Core first as Core is the "source of truth" for other modules and allows your employees to navigate between Arcoro modules with a single username.


  3. Select the appropriate user roles.
    • If multiple user roles are selected, the lowest possible permissions level will be used and override other permissions. The best practice is to create a new user role instead of combining multiple user roles. For more information regarding this, you can refer to User Roles for the ATS.
    • If a description has been entered for a user role, you can click Learn More for additional information.


  4. Select additional system responsibilities.
    • Hiring Manager and Requisition Approver- Used if you have a job requisition process. Having these permissions turned on allows the user to appear as an option to select from as a Hiring Manager or Job Requisition approver when setting up or submitting job requisitions.
    • System Guided Dispositioning - Used to help guide users through the hiring process. A pop-up box will appear prompting them to update stages or dispositions as they are reviewing candidates.


  5. Select Notification Preferences. Determines the frequency in which the user is notified of new applicants for jobs they are assigned to.


  6. If the user is from an Ad Agency, select "Add Agency Assignment".
  7. Click Save Changes when done.
  8. A verification email will be sent to the user shortly to confirm their email address is active and create their password if they do not already have access to other Arcoro modules.

Assign a User Role to Multiple Users

If multiple employees need to be given the same user role, such as a team of employees that have been given additional responsibility, you can do so from the User Maintenance screen.

  1. Select the users that should receive the user role.


  2. Click the drop-down menu in the top right labeled "With (#) Selected:", click Add User Role, then click the desired User Role. For more information regarding this, you can refer to User Roles for the ATS.


  3. A confirmation dialog will appear indicating the user role to be assigned and the number of users that it will be assigned to. Click OK to confirm.


  4. A successful dialog will appear indicating that the user role has been added to the users. Click OK.


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