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Adding a Class to a Course

A Class is a course set for a specific time and location. Click here to read more about setting up a course.

Before adding a Class, you must do the following:

  • Add a course with the Training Type of "Instructor Led" that has "Require Class" enabled to allow for classroom access.
  • Add a Classroom.

Creating a Class

Navigating to Adding a Class
  • Go to Class Catalog.


  • Click the name of the course that needs a class.


While viewing the Course information, click Add Class.


Class Information


eye.svg = Fields the employee sees when viewing the course

* = Required fields

  • eye.svg  Reference Materials Link - This is separate from the course. Add a link to course materials (link needs to be accessible to users).
  • External Enrollment Link
  • eye.svg Provider - Select from the drop-down menu. The list will be populated with Training Providers. If you would like to add additional Training Providers, you can refer to Complete Guide to Training Provider
  • eye.svg Cost at the class level (there is also a cost at the course level)
    • eye.svg Select Cost by Student or Total
  • Course Activation - Activate this new class and make it available within the course catalog for employees to enroll.

Class Scheduling


eye.svg = Fields the employee sees when viewing the course

* = Required fields

  • * eye.svg Classroom - Select from the drop-down. The list is populated from Classrooms. To manage your classrooms, you can refer to Complete Guide to Classrooms.
  • eye.svg Enrollment Limit
    • Enable Waiting List - If enabled, the Waiting List will be turned on. Once the enrollment limit has been reached, anyone new enrolling will be added to a waitlist, and seats remaining will indicate a negative number. If an employee drops the class, the first person on the waitlist will be added.
  • * eye.svg Start Date - The day the first-class session begins
  • * eye.svg End Date - The day of the last class session. Can be the same day as the Start Date unless the class occurs over multiple days.
  • * eye.svg Start Time
  • * eye.svg End Time
  • Time Zone - Select the time zone of the location of the class.
  • eye.svg Duration (days) - Duration of class in a number of days. Should be used only if occurring over multiple days.
  • eye.svg Duration (hours) - Duration of class in hours.
  • Send Invitation as a Calendar Event - Once an employee enrolls, they will receive an email notification with ical attached to add to their personal calendar.
  • Use Advanced Calendar Scheduling Options - Used when an event (class) occurs over multiple days. For example, a class that occurs every Wednesday from 8-9AM for 4 weeks. Very similar to how you create a reoccurring meeting.


    • Select the Repeat every number of weeks
    • Repeats on what day(s)
    • Occurrences - total number
    • Ends on - select the date

Class Notes


eye.svg = Fields the employee sees when viewing the course

eye.svg Class Notes

Assign an Instructor

  • From the Course Catalog, click the name of the course.


  • Click the class link under the Class No. column.


  • Go to the Special Actions drop-down menu, click Edit Class.


  • From the Edit Class page, click Assign Instructors.


  • A modal window will open with a list of Instructors. Select the Instructor(s) and click the arrow between the list of available instructors and assigned instructors. To add additional Instructors, you can refer to Adding a New Instructor. Click Save when finished select instructors.


  • Save your changes on the class information page.
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