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How to Assign Document Categories

If you have already added a document to your Knowledge Base, but have not assigned it a category, a category can still be assigned after. If you have not created your knowledge base categories, you can refer to Complete Guide to Knowledge Base Categories for more information.

Navigating to Knowledge Base

From the navigation menu, click Knowledge Base under Talent Management. You will be taken to the Knowledge Base home page initially.


  • Click the ... button under the Action column and click Edit.


  • Select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu.


  • If the category has not been created, you select "Add New" category. A window will appear for you to enter the name for the category and use the drop-down menu to select the parent category your new category will be the child of. If a parent category is not selected, the category will be at the highest hierarchy. When finished, click Close and Assign.


  • When finished, click Save.
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