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Complete Guide to Knowledge Base Categories

Navigating to Knowledge Base Categories

From the navigation menu, click Knowledge Base under Talent Management. From Knowledge Base, click Manage Categories.



Adding a New Category/Sub-Category

  • Click Add Category or select an existing category and click Add Category or Add Subcategory.


    • If no category has been selected when clicking Add Category, a category will be made at the highest hierarchy.


    • If a category has been selected, clicking Add Category will create a new category of the same level. 


    • If a category has been selected when clicking Add Subcategory, it will add a category below the selected category. 


  • Enter a name for the category.
  • Add additional categories and/or sub-categories.
  • Click Save after finishing adding your categories/sub-categories.

Editing a Category

  • Select the category and click the pencil icon to edit the name.


  • Click on another category after finished editing to make further edits.

    Click Save when finished.

Deleting a Category

  • Select the category and click the trash can icon to delete the category.


  • A confirmation will appear. Click Continue to delete the category.


  • Click Save when finished.

Reordering Categories

  • Click and drag a category to reorder it in your list. As you drag the category, a blue line or box will appear to show where the category will be if you let go.


  • Click Save when finished.
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