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Complete Guide to Managing Knowledge Base Documents

  • From the navigation menu, click Knowledge Base under Talent Management.


  • The Knowledge Base Home page will be the initial page shown.


  • The Knowledge Base home page will allow you to filter documents by assigned categories and by using the Search field.
  • The documents will be listed with:
    • Name of the document
    • Description of the document.
    • Document Type
    • Category
    • Created Date

Supported File Types

When adding a file to your knowledge base, the following file types are supported:

  • .ods
  • .xlr
  • .xls
  • .xlsx
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .odt
  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • .tex
  • .txt
  • .wps
  • .wks
  • .wpd
  • .key
  • .odp
  • .pps
  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .html
  • .gif
  • .ico
  • .bmp
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png

Adding a New Document

  • Click Add Document.


  • Enter the following information for the document (* - Required Field):


    • Document Name* - Name that appears on the Knowledge Base home page.
    • Description* - Description 
    • Category - The category that should be assigned to the document for easier searching. For information on setting up a category, you can refer to Knowledge Base Categories. You can also select "Add New" to add a new category or sub-category.
    • Upload Document* - Upload a document. File size limit for documents are 5MB.
    • Admin Access Only - Restrict access to the document.
  • Click Save.

Open a Document

  • Click the ... button under the Action column and click Open.


  • Your web browser will download/open the document.

Edit a Document

  • Click the ... button under the Action column and click Edit.


  • Edit the information for the uploaded document. For information on the given fields, you can refer to the information from Adding a New Document.


  • Click Save when finished.

Delete a Document

  • Click the ... button under the Action column and click Deactivate.


  • You will see a confirmation message. Click Continue.


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