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Understanding the Knowledge Base People Page

The People section(s) (excluding the one in Account Admin) will display results based on the reporting hierarchy within your organization. Managers are able to view their direct and indirect reports here. A manager can view the details associated with an employee record, a snapshot of the number of completed courses, succession plans assigned, assign a potential rating/letter grade to be used with the Succession Planning module, and a quick view into the employee's transcript, populated by the LMS.

Navigating to Knowledge Base People

From the navigation menu, click Knowledge Base under Talent Management. From Knowledge Base, click People.




The Knowledge Base People page will show you:

  • Hire Date - Click the header to sort the list in ascending and descending order
  • Active Employee - Click the header to sort the list.
  • Student/Employee - Click on a name to view employee details and access employee records, see next section for more details.
  • Manager Name
  • Incomplete Courses - # of incomplete courses
  • Employees - #of direct reports. Click on the number to access indirect employee records.
  • Succession Plan - If a succession plan has been assigned to the employee, the name of the plan will appear.
  • Rating - Click on the + icon to assign a potential rating to your direct reports. This letter grade should represent a Manager's opinion of their employee and what they feel as though their potential is within their role or within the organization.
    • A potential rating MUST be assigned if using the Talent Matrix 9 Box within Succession Planning. If a rating is not assigned, employees will not show up within the 9 Box view. Rating options are A, B, C, and D. Best Practice is to create a definition of each rating that meets the needs of your organization.
  • History - Click to view the employee's transcript, populated by the LMS

Employee Profile

By clicking the employee's name, the manager can view the employee profile. This profile view is different from the Account Admin section Administrators have access to.

Fields Populated from the Account Admin People Page


  • Job Title
  • Salary
  • Hire Date
  • Next Evaluation Date
  • Location
  • Work History
  • Relocation Notes

Fields Not Active

  • Last Raise Date
  • Last Raise Amount
  • HR Notes

Fields Populated by Learning Management Module (LMS)


  • Certifications
  • Learning Plans
  • Courses

Fields Populated by Evaluation/Performance Module


  • Evaluations - Click on the year to expand and show all evaluations completed during that time. Click on the link to view the completed evaluation.
  • 360's

Fields Populated by Succession Planning Module


  • Development Plan
  • Succession Plan
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