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Manager Tools for the Approval Queue of Performance

Managers, Instructors, and Training Administrators can use the Approval Queue page to approve courses, certifications, goals, tasks, and more, depending on their role and need.

Managers will also receive an email notification when a request has been made by one of their direct reports and is requiring Manager's approval.

Navigating to Approval Queue
  • Go to Manager Tools in the menu bar and click Approval Queue from your Performance module.




  • edit-solid.png - Edit an approval request.
  • check-regular.png - Approve a request.
  • times-regular.png - Reject a request.
  • PERF_-_Approval_Queue_-_Approve_All_-_00.png - Allow a Manager to approve all requests within a given section at one time instead of individually. 

Approval Sections

  • Approvals Required for Course Requests - Allows a manager to approve training requests if the course requires manager approval. Approving a course will allow the employee access to the course/class and denying will not allow them to enroll. An email will notify the requestor of the manager's selection.


  • Upcoming Training - Allows a manager to view any upcoming training scheduled for direct reports. This will also include Instructor Led events that occur on a particular time and date.


  • Approvals Required for Learning Plan Tasks - If an Admin has set an activity or item for a learning plan to require manager sign off, the manager will be able to approve a learning plan task. A learning plan can still be completed and moved out of the learning plan view for the employee while awaiting manager approval. For more information about setting up a learning plan, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


  • Approvals Required for Training History Requests - This sections includes courses or certifications added by the employee via the My Training History page. Once the employee completes this information, a manager is required to approve the request, along with the named training Administrator.


  • Approvals Required for Employee Goals - Performance Module required. Allows the manager to approve, reject, and/or edit a goal submitted by an employee. 


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