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Manage Goals for Performance

Goals can be created by an employee (configurable, see below for more detail), manager, or Administrator. Typically, goals are created and tracked for a given period of time and used to help employees work towards meeting company and career goals, job responsibilities, and more.

Comments can be attached to the goals to keep track of progress.

Goals can be managed in two ways on Evaluation forms to allow for a self and/or manager review of the goals; the previous review cycle's goals, and/or the upcoming review cycle's goals.

Navigating to Manage Goals
  • Go to Manager Tools in the menu bar and click Manage Goals from your Performance module.



  1. Search
  2. Add Goal - For more information about adding a new goal, you can refer to the following dedicated article.
  3. Show Completed Goals - Goals marked as completed will not show up in the default view of goals. Toggle to "Yes" to display completed goals.
  4. Employee Goals


The Actions for a goal can be accessed by clicking ... under the Action column.


Edit Goal

Managers can edit a goal as needed. It is important to note that edits are not tracked. A best practice is to include a comment regarding any changes made to a goal through the "Comment" action.

Steps can only be marked as "Incomplete" through the "Edit Goal" Action.

For more information about the other fields, you can refer to the following dedicated article about adding a goal.



Copy a goal. When copying a goal, it will take you to the Goal Details page with "Copy of" prefixed in the Goal name. Can be useful when you need to reuse a goal for an upcoming review cycle. 



Both Employees and Managers can add their comments to a goal or when completing a step. The "Goal Comments" will include any comments added through a step or when manually added. If the comment was added through a step, the "Step Completed" will note which step was completed with the comment. A step can only be marked as "Incomplete" by a manager through the "Edit Goal" action.


Progress Tracking

Setting The Progress

If step tracking is not enabled, there will be a progress slider that can be used to approximate the progress of a goal with a description.


Completing a Step

If step tracking is enabled, the steps will be listed here. Use the checkbox towards the left of a step. Enter a comment into the "Update Description" field for the step and click Add Update. The step will be completed and the "Update Description" will be added to the Goal Comments towards the bottom.


Adding a Comment

Click Add Comment. Enter a comment into the provided field and click Save when finished.


Editing a Comment

Click Edit from the Action column. Edit the comment as needed and click Save when finished. This will not change the "Create Date" of the original comment. Only the original comment creator can edit a comment.



Attachments allows an employee or manager to add and view attachments. The original uploader of the attachment can also edit or delete an attachment.


Add Attachment

Click Add Attachment to upload a file and enter a name for the attachment. Click Save when finished.


Actions for Attachments

  • View - Download a copy of the attachment.
  • Edit - Edit the attachment name or upload a different document. Click Save when finished.


  • Delete - Delete the attached file.



Once a goal is deleted, there is no way to retrieve the goal. There is no confirmation to delete a goal. If a goal is deleted in error, it would need to be recreated.

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