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Understanding a New Hire's Account Verification

As an administrator/manager, it is important to know the process that a new hire will go through when they are added to the Onboarding module. This will help you and them if they have any questions.

  1. When New Hires are added to the Onboarding module, either through the Applicant Tracking System or Manually, they will receive two emails:
    • Depending on your setup they will receive a "Welcome" email welcoming them to the company like the example below. If you would like to customize your "Welcome" email, you can refer to Complete Guide to Notifications for Onboarding


    • An email with their username and a link to create their password. The new hire should note their username. They will click "Verify Account" to set up their password. If the new hire is unable to locate their account verification email, they should check their spam/clutter for any emails sent from <>.


  2. After clicking "Verify Account", they will be taken to a page like below to create their password.


  3. After completing their verification, they will be taken to an "Account Verified" page.
    Clicking "Sign In" will take them to the login page.


  4. The new hire will enter their username that was emailed to them and their newly created password. In the future, they will go to


  5. Upon successful login, new hires will be directed to your new hire landing page. The landing page will by default include a welcome message and access to the new hire paperwork. If you would like to customize your new hire landing page, you can refer to Customizing the New Hire Experience.


New hires will continue to have access to the landing page after completing their portion of the paperwork. Once a manager has finalized their paperwork (changing their status to Complete), the new hire will no longer have access to the landing page.

For more information about the paperwork that your new hires will be filling out, you can refer to the following article

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