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Benefit Statements Report Overview

The Benefit Statement report allows you to generate a PDF or send an email of the report with information about an employee's compensation, taxes, and benefits. 

The Benefit Statement report has five steps:

Navigating to Benefit Statements Reports

From the menu, expand Reports, expand Benefit Management, and click Benefit Statements.



Step 1 - Select Statement

  1. Select the benefit statement to generate a report for.
    • Hovering over the Information_Icon_-_00.png icon gives you a preview of the report.
  2. Click Save & Continue >> when finished and proceed to the next step.


Step 2 - Select Date & Employees

  1. Enter a Start & End Date.
  2. Select an Employee Group. For more information about managing employee groups, you can refer to the following article.
  3. Choose a Language.
  4. Click Save & Continue >> when finished and proceed to the next step.


Step 3 - Select Delivery Format

  1. Select the desired delivery format::
    • Export to PDF
    • Email to selected employees
  2. Click Save & Continue >> when finished and proceed to the next step.


Step 4 - Generate Statements

Click Generate Statements to complete the process.

  • Depending upon the type of  Benefit Statement selected and the number of employees included in this request, the report may require anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to complete. 
  • You can check the View Completed Statements tab at any time for to view the status/progress of the Statement Generation process. Once the Statement Generation has been completed, a link and/or status message (if Email Delivery option is selected) will appear on the View Completed Statements tab.


Step 5 - View Submitted Statements

From the "View Submitted Statements" tab, you can review the current status of your benefit statement requests and any past benefit statements. After your benefit statement request has been completed, you can click View Statement to review the statement in a new window/tab.


Example of a Statement


Deleting a Statement

  • Use the checkbox towards the far fight of a previously generated statement.


  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Delete Selected Record(s).


  • Confirm the deletion of the statement(s).


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