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Time Off for Employee Profile Overview for Core HR

The Time Off page allows you to review a summary of time off for an employee, requests, time off granted, and more.

Expand 'employees', expand 'Time and Labor Mgmt', then click Time Off. If you are viewing the employee profile, hover over 'Time & Labor', then click Time Off.


The 'Time Off' page will present the 'Time Off Summary' tab initially.


The tabs included on the Time Off page are:

  • Time Off Summary - A summary of the current time off accrued, time off entered for an employee , and any requests that have been received, approved, and/or denied.
  • Time Off Detail - Manage time off record transactions for an employee such as accrued hours, hours carried forward, time off granted, and time off taken.
  • Time Off Request - Request time off to be approved or denied.
  • Holidays & Blackout Dates
  • System Emails - Emails generated by the system in relation to time off.
  • Extended Leave - Track extended leave for an employee.
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