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Expense Tracking for an Employee in Core

The Expense Tracking feature allows you to manage Expense Reports as a standalone module or integrated within the Time & Attendance module of the HRIS application. Expense items can be associated with General Ledger (GL) accounts imported from a third-party accounting system and/or cost centers configured within the setup area of the application. Users are then able to submit detailed expense reports approval to the appropriate manager.

To enable "Expense Tracking," it must be enabled by going to the Menu > Settings > Time and Labor Mgmt > Expense Tracking > Settings > Activation.

For more information on the Expense Tracking module including how to enable this within the HRIS Application see:  Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking for an employee can be reached from the menu by expanding Employees, expanding Time and Labor Mgmt, then clicking Expense Tracking.


If you are already viewing the employee profile, you can hover over Time and Labor and click Expense Tracking.


The Dashboard tab offers a quick glance at the expenses for an employee. You can review:

  • % of Expense Approved
  • Expenses by Month
  • Expenses by Expense Account


The Expense Reports tab allows you to:

  • Add or delete an expense report
  • Mark an expense as submitted or not


The Reports tab allows you to see a detailed or summarized print out of your expenses.


Adding an Expense Report

  • If not already viewing expense reports, click the Expense Reports tab.


  • From the expense report summary tab, click the Actions drop-down menu, and click Add.


  • Enter the title for the expense report summary, the start date of when the expense report is active, and the end date of when the expense report should be inactive.


  • Click Add Record when finished. If an expense report item must be entered, proceed to the next section.

Creating an Expense Report Item

  • While viewing an expense report, click the Expense Report Details tab. You should be able to see previously entered expense report items.



  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Expense Report Item.


  • Enter any relevant information (any required fields will be marked in RED).


  • Click Add Record when finished.
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