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Time Off Summary for an Employee Profile in Core HR

The Time Off Summary tab displays a summary of balance information by time off type for a selected year and time off requests.

Navigating to Time Off Detail Tab

Expand 'employees', expand 'Time and Labor Mgmt', then click Time Off. If you are viewing the employee profile, hover over 'Time & Labor', then click Time Off.



The time off balance summary page will automatically filter to the latest possible year for the employee that they have time off for, if possible. For example, if it is 2020 and the employee has requested time off for 2021, the time off filter will be set to 2021. 

Time Off Summary


The Time Off Summary table includes the following columns:

  • Type - Time Off Type
  • Units Carried Forward - the number of units carried forward from the previous year. This value is driven by the Max Carry Forward Amt field on the Accrual Rule form.
  • Units Accrued - the number of units accrued, year to date.
  • Units Requested - the number of units that have been requested but not yet approved/denied
  • Units Granted - the number of units that have been approved but not yet taken
  • Units Taken - the number of units taken
  • Units Remaining - the balance of units remaining


Clicking the filter icon CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png will allow you to filter the time off summary to the specified year.


Requests that have not yet been Granted


This section displays Time Off Request Transactions that have been requested but that have not yet been approved/denied.

Requests that have been Granted


These sections display Time Off Request Transactions that have been granted.

Requests that have been Denied


These sections display Time Off Request Transactions that have been denied.

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