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Benefit Management Before and After Reports

This provides an Excel report that provides administrators and stakeholders the ability to see the benefit elections of each employee and their benefit elections in a specific date range.  It is most commonly used for Open Enrollment comparison purposes.

Navigating to Before and After Reports

From the menu, expand Reports, expand Benefit Management, and click Before and After.


Required Information For Report

All required fields in the Employee Demographic screen include, but are not limited to:

  • Benefits for each benefit package
  • Plan Names
  • Coverage Levels
  • Benefit Premiums
  • Employee Dependents

How to Run the Before & After Report

  1. Click the CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png filter icon to the right-hand side.


  2. Enter the before and after dates.


  3. Click the adobepdf.gif PDF and/or excel.gif Excel icons to download and review your reports.


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