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Employee Demographic Changes Reports

This is a column and row report of employees with changes made to their respective demographic data sorted alphabetically by employee last name. This report also displays existing demographic data previously entered, and demographic fields without data. If you have a large organization you may need to limit your refine to a shorter date range as the reports are generated for each day a change is made.

This detailed report is used to audit data entry by administrators and provides the date and name of the administrator for each recorded demographic change. This report may be used as a training tool for new administrators, as well as an assessment of data naming conventions to ensure compliance with organizational data entry standards.

Navigating to Demographic Changes Employee Report

From the menu, expand Reports, expand Employee, and click Demographic Changes.



Required Information for Report

Any Employee demographic data field with or without a value:

  • Positions
  • Admin Portal
  • Employee menu
  • Performance Management
  • Positions
  • Compensation Information
  • User defined Fields

Employee Notes are exempt from this reporting

Running the Report

  • Click the CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png filter icon to show the start and end date. Use the date menus and click Refresh Results. The report(s) you generate will respect the filtered date range.


  • Click the PDF adobepdf.gif and/or Excel excel.gif icon to download and view the report.


Emailing the Report(s)

The report(s) can be emailed to one or multiple parties.

  1. Enter the email address(es). If entering multiple emails, use a semicolon to separate the email addresses. 


  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the demographic change report(s).


  3. Click Email Reports. If multiple reports are selected, the recipient(s) will receive multiple emails.
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