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How to Add Hiring Templates for Onboarding

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This article is an excerpt from another article: Complete Guide to Hiring Templates

Navigating to Hiring Templates for Onboarding
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • In the Administration menu, click the Hiring Templates tab.


  • The Hiring Templates page will present any previously made hiring templates.


  1. Press Add Template


  2. Complete the following (* = required)
    1. Template Name* - The template name will be seen by the hiring manager/Kiosk user will see when selecting a template when Onboarding.
    2. Location* - The drop-down menu is populated by the Locations set up in the Locations tab.
      • Indicates the work state for employees' records.
      • Helps deliver appropriate paperwork based on Policies.
    3. Hiring Manager* - The drop-down menu is populated with users that have the manager or manager/admin role in the Users tab and have been associated with the selected Location.
    4. Job Title* - The drop-down menu is populated with jobs titles set up in the Job Titles tab.
    5. Employment Type - The drop-down menu offers:
      • Full Time
      • Part Time
      • Seasonal
    6. Pay Rate* - The drop-down menu offers:
      • Hourly
      • Salary
    7. Amount* -Amount to be paid (e.g. 8.25).
    8. If this Hiring Template is to be used with Kiosk mode, enable it with the checkbox. If this option is not enabled, the hiring template will still show in the hiring template area of the Administration section, but will not be an active option for the Kiosk user or Hiring Manager to select.
  3. When finished, click Add.
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