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Editing a Custom Role

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This article is an excerpt from another article: Complete Guide to Custom Roles

Navigating to Custom Roles
  • From Talent Management, click Account Admin from the menu near the top-right.


  • Click Company Setup to open the menu, then click Custom Roles.


  • From the Custom Roles page, you will see any existing custom roles.


  • To edit the basic info of a custom role, click Edit towards the left of the custom role.


  • Edit the title, description, or the Default option for the custom role.


  • Click Save when finished. 
  • To edit the permissions/options for the custom role, click Add. For a short description of the available permissions, you can refer to the following article.


  • In the modal window, you can:
    • Use the drop-down menu to select a permission/option and click Add to add the new permission/option.
    • Click trash_icon.gif to remove a permission/option.


  • When finished, click Close.
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